Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Review: Kellie's Diary - Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins

Kellie's Diary #1

Review: Kellie's Diary - Book #1 - Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins - March 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect with Kellie's Diary except that it was supposed to be a quick read and that it was going to be told in a diary format. I was under the impression that it would be edgy and thought it might have been more of a taboo read. Turns out that it was more of a zombie outbreak/end of the world novel. Written in diary format, Kellie's diary introduces us to a nine-year-old girl Kellie, set in 1993. Kellie has just returned from living with her grandparents and before she left them to come home, they gave her a diary which she writes in - her diary's name is Barbie. Kellie tells us all about starting back at school and being held back a year and then as the pages go on, we see a sickness has come upon the town. At first, I thought it might have been like a town poisoning or massive flu attack but we later discover the world has turned to Zombies and soon Kellie finds herself trapped at school and to survive, tries to run and hide in various places till she can return home safely. Will Kellie make it home in one piece and will she be reunited with her family? Find out in this YA read which you have two choices to read - either in diary format or plain text.

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