Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Review: The Secret Sister - K.A Clake and A.J Brittany

The Secret Sister

Review: The Secret Sister - KA Clarke and AJ Brittany - January 2020
I have always been fascinated with the whole discovering of another family and I wonder if it's stemmed from my own experiences of discovering I had an older half-brother when I was 6-7 years old and then my Dad not knowing his "real dad" and the imagining that he might have half-siblings out there. Then when my Grandad passed away we discovered that he had another daughter out there as he was a truck driver and had kept this secret from my Nana and his family for over 60 years. In The Secret Sister, Ella's mother has died and she has discovered a box of things at the back of her wardrobe - in the box is a picture of her mother and a baby named Colleen and a letter from Colleen's father Reagan.  Turns out at the same time, Colleen has just discovered that she was adopted and has another family - she is headed to Sligo, Ireland to search for her father. During this time it has also given Colleen a chance to escape from her life with her possessive husband Jake. We have Colleen in Ireland and Ella in Surrey, London and Ella find Colleen on Facebook, and the pair connect and start chatting. This ends with the pair meeting up in Sligo with Ella's family. Things though don't turn out exactly how Ella imagined as Colleen is bitter and also things aren't adding up in Colleen's stories. Jumping forward Colleen goes missing and Ella being the "good girl" decides to hunt her down, however, she ends up being caught up in Colleen's drama and the pair are kidnapped.  However, we are about to discover all is not what it seems, and will Ella ever see her own family again, or will the sisters die in each other's arms? Find out in this duo authored book The Secret Sister.

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