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Review: Love Story - Karen Kingsbury

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Review: Love Story - Book #1 The Baxter Family - Karen Kingsbury - June 2017

Before July 2010, I read a lot of Christian Fiction and I had made my way through quite a few of Karen Kingsbury's books especially in the Baxter Series. The few years after that I still read the odd Christian fiction until one day it dropped off as I discovered new authors etc. My genres and reading taste changed. Recently though, I have found myself wanting to reconnect with God and have started to get back into reading Christian Fiction. I ordered a bunch of Karen Kingsbury's latest which I hadn't read.  One was Love Story which I had been looking forward to reading. Love Story is what brings the Baxter Family together and makes them who they are today. This is the epic love story of John Baxter and his first wife Elizabeth whom we know from earlier books that she passed away from Cancer and John himself remarried Elaine. The book starts due to one of their grandchildren Cole Blake - Ashley and Landon's oldest son. He has to do a school project about heritage and is inspired to do the love story of his grandparents. I have to admit before going into the book, I knew I would love it and it would be an amazing and touching story but what I didn't expect was to be so affected by the love in the pages as I don't normally tear up in books but my eyes by page 90 were welling up with tears and being a tad watery. It made me think of my mum and how she will never get to see me in parts of my life, that I wish she could have. The strong love that radiated through the book was very powerful and you can't help but fall in love all over again and feel connected with the Baxter Family and other characters as we also caught glimpses of Bailey Flannigan Paul and Cody Gunner.  If you haven't yet discovered The Baxter Family saga, then you are missing out as this book definitely reignited my love for Karen Kingsbury's words and I am now looking forward to reading the others in my pile from her.

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