Saturday, June 20, 2020

Review: Pretty, Twisted Lies - Emily Bowie

Pretty Twisted Lies

Review: Pretty, Twisted Lies - Emily Bowie - June 2020

I have to admit I am in two minds about this book as it had interested me in getting a copy, though I went in pretty much blind. The first chapter which was a bit like a prologue had me captivated and intrigued to read more as I was sure I had stumbled into a stalker type story but alas I was proved wrong as the next chapter introduced us to our male lead Kip and then the next our female lead Kellie. The pair met when Kellie was in high school as she was sent by her father to a boarding school for girls - basically a school to keep her out of sight, out of mind - so that she wouldn't interfere with her parents' lives. At the school one day, just out of the gate - she meets a bad boy Kip. Kip has grown up in a life of danger as he now runs the bar his parents once owned and the McGrath Estate empire. Throughout the novel, we will read this forbidden romance filled with danger and angst between Kellie and Kip. Until one day, Kip discovers the identity of the man known as "The Suit" and that is he a whole lot more closer to Kellie than he ever realized. Thus begins Kip's journey to keep Kellie safe without her ever knowing he was a part of it, even if it means losing the one he loves in the hope he will one day get to be with her. What happens though when she moves on with her life and becomes engaged to someone else? Has Kip lost his chance or will Kellie's love for Kip still be strong that she will go to the ends of the earth to find him? Find out in this angsty NA dark romance "Pretty, Twisted Lies' by Emily Bowie.

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