Sunday, June 21, 2020

Review: Raising Jennifer Lawrence as Molly Brown - Bonnie Brown

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Raising Jennifer Lawrence as Molly Brown

Review: Raising Jennifer Lawrence as Molly Brown - Bonnie Brown - September 2019This book was a #freebie on Amazon and the title had captured my attention as the author claimed that the actress we know as Jennifer Lawrence was, in fact, her daughter Molly Brown who had been kidnapped when she was thirteen years old by Karen Lawrence who owned a horse training camp where Molly attended. Reading this book, at first I wondered how it could be allowed to be published with the defamation and accusations and why on earth did the Lawrences not put a stop to this farce? I figured anyway as I do love my mystery to give it a read. However the title was misleading to say nonetheless as the book is a memoir of Bonnie's life from the number of men she dated and slept with - there was a LOT to her childhood and jobs. It came across as an "It's all about Me" type book and I will just chuck the JLaw reference in it, to sell more titles and get the fifteen minutes of fame I always wanted. I wanted to believe certain things in the book, but everything in the book points to Bonnie Brown as being a crazy lady. Especially with the facts that maybe her kids were taken from her for a reason and maybe they don't want to be found as she's a danger to their lives - since Molly was only thirteen/fourteen at the time and we read that her oldest son Cory disappeared when he was 18, he was supposedly on a bus to their grandmothers in Idaho and never made the trip and she's never heard from him either. It just gets a bit suspect when both children have "vanished" into thin air.  There were similarities between her daughter and JLaw but then again, look at all those girls who were supposedly Madeline McCann.  This book turned out to be one of those stories were at the end you sit there and go did I read a factual account or a fictional account of Bonnie's life? 
If you are curious for yourself, then check out Raising Jennifer Lawrence as Molly Brown today and I'll let you decide- Fact or Fiction ??

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