Saturday, June 20, 2020

Review: A Serious Relation-Chip - Frankie Love

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A Serious Relation-Chip (The Way To A Man's Heart #10)

Review: A Serious Relation-Chip - Book #10 The Way to A Man's Heart Series - Frankie Love - May 2020

What I love about this particular series is that each book can be read as a stand-alone and even if you read the series out of order you can catch the gist of the series as a whole. Well, it worked for me as I have the whole series on my iPad2 to read and because I am notorious for reading series out of order - I don't mean to it's just something that happens - the first one I happened to read in this series was Book #10. In A Serious Relation-chip, we meet Beckett who is a firefighter and now a single dad to a 6-month-old baby Annie. His sister and brother-in-law have passed and he was left as guardian. He now has to return to work and has plans to hire a nanny for Annie. Of course, he never expected that his Nanny would be his HEA but she is. From his first glimpse of her on a video call, he knows she is perfect and once he meets her - knows she is the "one". However, Brittany is green when it comes to love and romance and she has made it a rule to not get involved with the parents of the children she looks after. Can Beckett prove to Brittany that she is the missing link in this instant family equation? Find out in this sweet instalove romance by Frankie Love - A Serious Relation-chip.

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