Monday, June 29, 2020

Review: Reckless Romeo - Sienna Snow

Reckless Romeo (Cocky Hero Club)

Review: Reckless Romeo - #Cocky Hero Club - Sienna Snow - June 2020

Leopold aka Leo once against has gotten in trouble with the tabloids as they have labeled him as a playboy and their favorite a "reckless Romeo" who loves to charm the pants off a range of females. His latest escapade through turned out to be with the wife of one of their potential clients and now his family business has a few of their more conservative clients wanting to pull out which would cause the business to lose millions of contracts. His father has constantly threatened to have him replaced with his sister or his cousin Jacob. Both of whom are happy doing what they are doing and don't want the company - not in the same capacity of job that Leo does. His father is on his last plea and has hired "The Fixer". The fixer is Riya who is an old family friend whom we are about to discover that she and Leo have this love/hate relationship going on. One of Riya's rules is never to get involved romantically with a client but will she be able to follow that rule when it comes to Leo and will Leo's heart start to soften and his cock start to harden as he finds himself seeing Riya more as a potential future partner rather than the like-sister he grew up with? Can Riya not only change Leo's image out in the public's eye and get her HEA or will Leo continue to live up to the label of "Reckless Romeo"? In Reckless Romeo we also got to catch more of Soroya and Graham Morgan - whom those who have read Wicked Bedmate by Jenika Snow will know as Jason's ex-girlfriend and Linda's ex-boss. Reckless Romeo was another good read in the Cocky Hero Club and stay tuned for more Cocky Hero Club books to come.

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