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Review: Bubblegum Love - Rita Delude

The Shops Series - HOME OF CRAZY INK

Bubble Gum Love

Review: Bubble Gum Love - Book #27 Ice Cream Shop Series - Rita Delude- July 2019

If you are in the mood for a sweet YA love triangle story, then BubbleGum Love is the read for you. I was snuggled into bed and just needed something to relax too and read before going to sleep. Browsing through my kindle, I came across Rita Delude's story in the Ice Cream Shop series. The book starts with the introduction of best friends Seth and Amanda, these two have been inseparable since they were at least six years old. Now they are about 15-16 years old. The book then jumps to Amanda aka Mandy's work - Rick's Ice Cream Shop and the introduction to a new co-worker Cory. There is an instant attraction between the pair and if Seth isn't onto it, he may just miss out his chance to date Amanda as seems like Cory is moving on as she is by all means - not attached. Will Seth get his chance and find the guts to ask Amanda out or will he have missed his window and Cory end up with the girl? Find out in this cutesy YA story - Bubble Gum Love by Rita Delude today.

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