Friday, October 2, 2020

Book Spotlight : Muzzling Jesus: Liberty, Faith, Politics, and the Mask Debate - Christopher D. Schmitz

Muzzling Jesus: Liberty, Faith, Politics, and the Mask Debate

Muzzling Jesus: Liberty, Faith, Politics, and the Mask Debate - Christopher D. Schmitz

Avaliable on Amazon - https://amzn.to/36rz6eu

Why I Penned This Book :


My son laid on the couch, wracked with pain. Nothing helped—he couldn’t even keep down water and had been vomiting for fourteen consecutive hours… not that we could buy anything at a store to help. They were all closed. The hospital? too scared to let us in the building. He can’t be that bad—besides, we need all these empty beds for these terminal COIVD patients they keep saying we might get. Nothing describes the feeling of watching your son dying on the couch with doctors refusing to help.

Fear is the mind killer, as Frank Herbert wrote in Dune.

But it’s worse than that… the terror stirred up regarding the COVID 19 concern has proven fatal. According to some studies, the economic shutdown will directly result in the loss of millions of lives. Of course, I’m only concerned with one: he’s lying on my couch. Whatever my son’s got, it’s not coronavirus, but our rural hospital has no desire to see him.

Someone has to advocate for common sense. Someone needs to stand up and fight the havoc being wrought upon our communities. I’d already watched several businesses close forever: lives ruined. Personally, I’d already lost more than fifty percent of my annual wage to the shutdowns and had to work twice as hard for half as much money. It’s a good thing I’m a fighter. We demanded nurses reconsider his treatment; they found my son’s appendix had ruptured a day ago. Because they’d ignored it, he had to be sent to a larger city to deal with the gangrene now in his intestines.

Flattening the curve nearly flattened my son. As he recovered during an extensive hospital stay (with no visitors allowed,) I watched many of my preacher colleagues chastise folks who lacked faith in the new religion of mask requirements. They somehow claimed I was my brother’s keeper, said Jesus would wear a mask, insisted that I must yield personal freedom in order to safeguard others. But there’s a colossal problem with that: it’s not biblically accurate and the argument is built on slippery slope.

Christ came to liberate the captives, not put people in bondage to systems, government, and opinions of bureaucrats wishing to regulate with rules built on a secular morality rather than a Christian one—and these rules are neither consistent nor applicable to would-be rulers seated in their ivory towers. In light of that, I was motivated to write this book.

I’d been working on an idea for a long time: liberty, freedom (not the patriotic form, but the Christocentric kind,) is absolutely necessary to the evangelism of the Gospel, the growth of personal faith, and the advancement of a responsible life.

I hope you will consider my book for what it is: a conversation starter. My son is alive and well, now. But only because I stood up to a failing, illogical system. Will you, too, demand answers and accountability?

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