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Guest Author Post : Nancy Drew and Me - Manasi Patil

As someone myself who has loved books and writing ever since I was a young girl. I love it when teenagers are writing books as I think it's such a wonderful achievement. I was contacted by this young girl from India . She has also written a guest post about one of her role models and inspiration - the wonderful Nancy Drew .

Nancy Drew Review (Spoiler-Free) | Den of Geek

When she was 5 years old, Manasi had written her first story ever. From then, her journey in the writers world has started. She has written many unpublished stories and poems. 'The Cousins Crime' is the first ever published book and she wishes to continue the series ‘Krisha Batra’.

Manasi Patil is a 14-year-old girl from India who is passionate about reading and writing. And to follow her dreams, the sky is just the beginning...

Amazon Book Link : https://amzn.to/33LM2d5

Like many, Nancy Drew is my role model growing up. She’s friendly, she’s sharp, she’s determined, she’s ambitious, she’s brave, you name it!

I’m really glad for the time I spend with a heroine so loyal, courageous and resourceful. There are many, many lessons to be learnt from Nancy Drew, but here’s an attempt to list a few, with all my love and respect.

    Be Fearless
Throughout all the novels, one message is being depicted REPEATEDLY. Nancy is fearless, whatever the situation be. She shows that fear not only weakens you but also stops you from progressing ahead. Even at times when her life was at stake, she never loosed the NANCY POWER, as I call it! She goes into creepy attics, basements, woods and carnivals, often armed with only a flashlight, looking for clues, secret passages and missing jewels without a second thought. Nothing, I repeat, nothing holds her back!


·        Follow your hunch.
A ‘hunch’ as the sleuth calls it, should never be shunned. Time and again, her hunches are proved right She never stops following her hunches and they are a factor through which she is able to be a first class detective. The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to test a theory and go with your gut.


·        There’s no such thing as coincidence.
You read that right. If someone says, ‘Oh, I just happened to be there,’ it’s a trap! That’s what Nancy thinks. Several times it’s been mentioned that Nancy didn’t believe in coincidences. There’s always a reason why someone is somewhere, or why something is happening at the moment.

Never stop learning
Nancy’s seemingly endless skills set includes playing the bagpipes, lock-picking, changing tires and other basic car mechanics, horseback riding, playing the piano, skydiving, analyzing handwriting and pulling public records at the library. And these talents always seem to come in handy on cases. She is never short on a skill.


·        Curiosity, folks!
Curiosity is at the heart of all Nancy’s adventures, as well as at the heart of what drives all of us every day. We keep asking questions, and we keep wondering, which is how we keep advancing, technologically and culturally. When curiosity dies, so does passion.


·        Never Panic
When she’s tied to a chair, she taps “Help!” in Morse code with her heels. When she’s locked in a room, she removes the door hinges to escape. The thing is, Nancy never panics. And that’s what she tells us to follow.


·        Always leave a note
Nancy’s always flitting off to follow up a clue, but she’s really good about leaving a note behind for her dad or Ned Nickerson so they don’t worry. This is a really helpful tip and advise to follow, which everyone should pick up!


·     Every lock has a key
It seems like Nancy gets captured or trapped in pretty much every book. But does she merely sit and await rescue? Not Nancy Drew! She’s creative and proactive, exploring the room for trapdoors or preparing for the opportune moment to make her escape.


·        Be prepared
Remember how Nancy always keeps a packed bag in the trunk of her car? She’s ready for whatever life throws at her, heading off problems before they pop up. And when things don’t pan out the way she expects, Nancy’s adaptable and flexible, two traits I bet we could all use daily!


·        Just because a door is locked, that doesn’t mean there’s not a way in.
“It’s locked!” This phrase comes very often in the series. There’s always a locked door Nancy has to contend with. However, she doesn’t stop because a door is locked. Nancy finds secret passages, solve puzzles for a lock combination, or swipe a key from a concierge. Through this process, you learn that just ecause something is closed off to you, it doesn’t mean you can’t gain access. What I learn is that there will always be doors that won’t open for us, but if we’re persistent, clever and confident in our own abilities, we can totally find a way in.

Don’t Always Trust Super Friendly People
Okay, yes, some people are simply born to be bubbles of happiness, and although all this goodness seems impossible, it’s totally not. On the other hand, all the friendliest people Nancy comes across usually end up being the villains in the end. Coincidence? But they don’t exist in Nancy’s world! Let’s just say it is lovely to find those naturally wonderful people--but there is power in protecting your heart, and not eliminating any suspects until there is solid proof!

    Mistakes can be repaired.
Nancy, more often than not, gets herself into one dangerous situation after another. Sometimes, as Nancy, you will make mistakes that seem irreversible. You leave the kitchen without stopping the gas leak and BOOM! You are now sprinkled all over town. You get caught sneaking in someone’s office and you’re kicked out of the manor. So, you lose, but not really. Sometimes it just takes a little extra effort, and some mistakes, to figure out the right path to winning. And losing momentarily helps you navigate those same hurdles the next time you encounter them.

Friends complete it!
You can’t have a Nancy Drew story without Bess Marvin and George Fayne. Each of the girls brings her own qualities to the trio, whether it’s George’s handy Judo skills or Bess’s sudden fits of inspiration (or reminders to stop for lunch).
Nancy never pretends to be a solo act, and she surrounds herself with supportive people who love her (even though they think she’s kind of crazy) and would do anything for her. Friends are the best when you’re solving mysteries–or just having fun around River Heights.




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