Friday, October 2, 2020

Review: The Accident - Devyn Forrest

The Accident (Denver Athletics Academy, #2)

Review: The Accident - Book #2 Denver Athletic Academy Series - Devyn Forrest - April 2020

Is Rooney's gymnastics career over before it even began? Will, she let the bullies have the last laugh? or will Rooney prove to them that she is strong-willed and nothing will stand in the way of her dreams of becoming an Olympic gymnast? Just as Rooney was about to compete in the midterm gymnastic finals, the beam snapped and broke under her. The school is calling it gym equipment malfunction and claiming the items were old but Rooney knows the truth- this is another one of Poppy's stunts to get rid of her once and for all. Now with Rooney being named "Bad Luck" and rumors spread around the school by Poppy, everyone is avoiding her including the three boys Theo, Zed, and Clinton. The ones whom she had just started to fall for. I like the character of Rooney as she knows what she wants and isn't one to cower and give up. Also at the end of this book, Rooney receives some news that Theo's dad knows exactly who her biological parents are and it explains how she is so talented at gymnastics as it seems it is in her blood. I have to admit the character of Mr. Everton, I love as he is becoming a bit like a surrogate father to Rooney.

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