Friday, October 2, 2020

Review: The Cursed Series - Parts #3 and #4 - Rebecca Donovan

The Cursed Series, Parts 3 & 4 (Now We Know/What They Knew)

Review: The Cursed Series - Parts #3 and #4 - Rebecca Donovan - April 2020

You know how you read an amazing first couple of books and then you feel like you can't wait for the rest of the series as they ended in amazing cliffhangers and you are so excited to continue with the story as you watch it unravel. That's how I felt after reading Parts #1 and #2 of the Cursed Series. However, I got a little disappointed as Parts #3 and #4 just didn't hold the same excitement as the first two, it seemed to drop the ball a bit. As at the end of Part #2, we were left with the whole "who's related to who scandal" and then when at the end of Part #4 we discover the truth - I felt let down as I was like seriously this is why they are all related and half's of each other siblings and then I get a little bit why Lana's mum was afraid to talk about what happened and who Lana's dad was but then to go OTT and have it make her sick and cause her to retreat - yes, an unthinkable tragedy happened but seriously - it was 18 years ago - move on lady and then for the other to commit suicide - it's like come on people. How unfreaking stable are you and do you need to rely on the male species that much that if they make a wrong turn - your whole life is completely shattered and you can't function? I hated that females were made to be so weak in this book.  This second half of the series was borderline for me as it really made me frustrated and angry in parts and that it fell short after reading the first half. I would say to readers, only continue with the second part if you wish to conclude the story and find out the truth.

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