Saturday, October 3, 2020

Review: Dear Dawn - E.L George

Dear Dawn: Based on actual events

Review: Dear Dawn - E.L George - August 2020

As someone who loves reading therapy based and edgy stories, the author EL George is one of my favorites as she writes tales loosely based on real events that she has dealt with in the systems. In Dear Dawn, we meet Dawn and her family who are currently going through turmoil as her husband Mark has been accused by their oldest daughter of sexual abuse. She wrote to Dawn and Dawn then burned the letter. In her mind, she was protecting both her husband and her daughter, but the law sees it differently. This is the case of Dawn and the trials and tribulations that the social worker will go through to help Dawn and her children during this time. I  have to admit reading this book brought some feelings to the surface as in a way the character of Dawn reminded me of my sister as they had a few things in common. If you love books by the author Torey Hayden, then you will love EL George's tales. This is not for the faint-hearted as it may bring some home-truths to the surface and tissues may be required while reading.

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