Sunday, October 4, 2020

Review: Girl Gone Viral - Alisha Rai

Girl Gone Viral (Modern Love, #2)

Review: Girl Gone Viral - Book #2 Modern Love Series - Alisha Rai - April 2020

Those who have read The Right Swipe will remember Rhiannon's best friend and roommate Katrina King. In Book #2 we learn more about what drove her to her panic attacks and the heightened security and her need to be private and not have her photo taken etc. Her therapist Andy has encouraged her to start venturing to a few places at a time, while at a coffee shop she has come to feel comfortable at as her and the owner go way back "Monas", its a busy day and she ends up sharing her table with a stranger named Ross. He asks her out, but she declines. The pair go their separate ways and she expects never to hear about the conversation etc ever again as in her mind, nothing happened. However, she is in for the fright of her life and the start of her worst nightmare as someone on twitter concocted a story of #meetcute between Kat and Ross and now her picture is blasted on the internet as the story goes viral. Even worst is that Ross hops on the bandwagon and starts spinning lies about Kat and his "non-existent" relationship. In a state of panic, Kat's bodyguard Jas takes her to his family home out in the country to lie low. Kat has only eyes for Jas and maybe finally the pair will realize their love for one another? Can Kat's friends' band together when news of her viral ends up alerting her location to someone she had hoped would never track her down after the last time he hurt her. Find out in Girl Gone Viral, the perfect chick-lit novel for those fans of Social Media and these days of living in an internet-driven world.

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