Friday, October 2, 2020

Review: Last Girl Lied To - LE Flynn

Last Girl Lied To

Review: Last Girl Lied To - L.E Flynn - April 2019

After reading All Eyes on Her and loving the thriller and twists and turns of the story, when I came across at work "Last Girl Lied To" written by the same author I picked up as I had a feeling I would enjoy it. This book followed a similar suit to a few other stories I had read in the past as we meet best friends Trixie and Fiona. The two were so different and on different levels and somehow they became fast and best friends, was it however all part of a plan and a lie? It is Senior Year and the pair of them are at a party when Trixie disappears and when rumors start flying that she drowned - Fiona can't believe it as it doesn't sound like the Trixie she knew. Desperate for answers, Fiona will try and track down clues to discover what happened exactly to Trixie but will she like what she learns? What will happen to Fiona when she learns that Trixie wasn't who she thought she was and that she had kept a lot of dark secrets and most importantly, does Trixie even want to be found? Find out in this YA psychological thriller where you have to be careful as you may be trusting the wrong people and the Last Girl Lied To shows readers you never really "know" someone, that there will always be secrets and a hidden side that you may never discover unless pushed to the brink of out of sheer desperation.

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