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Review: Lovely War - Julie Berry

Lovely War

Review: Lovely War - Julie Berry - March 2019

Have you ever picked up a book and it's not normally something you would have read but something just drew you to it and then it surprises you and turns out to be one of the best books you have ever read? For me, that was Lovely War by Julie Berry. I don't normally read historical fiction and books that are set during the war as they just don't normally do it for me but what drew me to this book was the greek mythology aspect. Lovely War starts with Ares and Aphrodite sneaking off to a hotel and having an affair, they are then interrupted by Aphrodite's husband who is putting them on trial for adultery and infidelity. Thus begins Aphrodite's defense where she will tell the two love stories of James and Hazel and Colette and Aubrey. These four characters will encounter ups and downs and at times it will make them think is love worth the pain they feel? Their stories span through both World War 1 and World War 2. Along the way, Aphrodite will also call up witnesses like Apollo and Hades to help share their story and show to Hephasteus what true love is and the pain that Aphrodite feels being the Goddess of Love as she shows that she is incapable of truly having anyone love her for her.  Lovely War is one book that I recommend everyone to read and that even if like me, it's not normally something you would pick up - that you give it a go at least as you may surprise yourself as I did.

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