Wednesday, October 7, 2020

VBT# Shook - Sonya Jesus

Shook (Internet Famous, #1)

Review: Shook - Book #1 Internet Famous Collection - Sonya Jesus - September 2020

Growing up in Ledger's household though wealthy, it was a nightmare especially after his sister Lizzie died and it was just him and Nola. Now celebrating his 21st birthday and he is the richest adult around but of course it comes with stipulations as being an internet star, it has gotten him into trouble with things like sex tapes. Lately, though he has been going through a bit of a stir-crazy depressive stage and Norah has been asked by her mum to help out and be Ledger's maid. Norah hates everything about Ledger, especially since his family kicked them out of the mansion when she was 11-12 years old. They are her enemy. Though something has piqued her attention as Nola has gone missing and since Norah runs a true crime podcast/blog, this is the story she needs to boost up her subscribers, the downside though is that she had to sign an NDA relating everything to Ledger's family which includes Nola. However, can she talk Ledger into letting her help search for Nola when one of her subscribers and Nola start sending clues for Norah and Ledger to hunt her down as one of her favourite things to do growing up was playing games especially hide and seek. However, this isn't just a normal game of hide and seek as it will include some life-changing secrets, murder and crime and may just shake Ledger's world. What I loved about this book was besides the Cinderella storyline, was that we caught a glimpse of past characters from one of the CamU stories that featured in the Modern Fairytale Princess Collection - Kai and Thorn's story. Shook by Sonya Jesus is based loosely on the tale of Cinderella.

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