Tuesday, October 6, 2020

VBT# Beast - Nancy Chastain

Beast (Internet Famous Collection Book 3)

Review: Beast - Book #3 Internet Famous Collection - Nancy Chastain - September 2020

Moving onto Beast - Book #3 in the Internet Famous Collection by Nancy Chastain, we head to the world of Beauty and the Beast. In Beast, we meet Anthony who is now a champion MMA fighter and headed to the big leagues with wealth and endorsements but of course, having this much fame also has its downsides as his agent is always posing him with models for photoshoots and he has a model fake girlfriend Amber. When the owner of the gym and a dad figure for Anthony, Frank's daughter Angel comes back home - Anthony realizes that he is over the fake life and wants her. Angel, however, believes that Anthony isn't the same guy she fell in love with during her teen years and is also home for her Dad. Can Anthony prove to Angel that he has changed and that underneath is MMA gruff exterior, he is still the same Anthony that she fell in love with? What will happen though when a tragedy ensures after a fight and Anthony starts to receive viral bad publicity? Can Angel help him turn it around or will he be forever branded as the "villain" on the internet? Find out in Nancy Chastain's Beast part of the Internet Famous Collection. I also found it similar to Beauty and the Beast story in the Modern Fairytale Collection as that too was based around an MMA fighter.

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