Saturday, October 3, 2020

Review: Olympic Village - Devyn Forrest

Olympic Village (Denver Athletics Academy, #4)

Review: Olympic Village - Book #4 Denver Athletic Academy Series - Devyn Forrest - 2020

Rooney has finally achieved her dreams of going to the Olympics in Paris, France and she has even won a gold medal among others including silver, bronze, etc. This is her once in a lifetime chance and is amazing how a girl from foster care came to the Olympics. I have to admit this book was a little bit less exciting than the others as by Book #4 we see Poppy has changed stripes and turned away from the bully we came to see in the previous three books and she's almost like Rooneys Frenemy and then we see more of Rooney's relationship growing with the three boys in this book Theo, Clinton and Zed.  We also know how tough and brutal those Russians can be as we all know the famous story of Tonya Harding who hired a hitman to attack Nancy Kerrigan - her opponent. This was highlighted in this book as Zed was attacked by Mishca - a Russian and whacked in the leg which halted his career as an Olympian runner. Rooney and her father finally have a heart-to-heart moment and the pair go back to the Diner where Rooney worked. Also, I did love the fact that Rooney kept in contact with the other kids in her foster home throughout the series as it was good to see that she hadn't forgotten them in her whirlwind journey and that she never forgot that she was once in the same position as them.  Overall, I am a fan of Devyn Forrest and look forward to seeing what new Bullymance series she may release in the future.

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