Friday, October 2, 2020

Review: Out for Blood - Devyn Forrest

Out for Blood (Denver Athletics Academy, #1)

Review: Out for Blood - Book #1 Denver Athletic Academy Series - Devyn Forrest - April 2020

Ever since she was young, one of the things that Rooney always excelled at was gymnastics and from a young age, her dream was to go to the Olympics and train at the Denver Athletic Academy where her childhood idol Poppy and Mr. Everton - a former Olympic star all attended. The thing though for Rooney, growing up in the foster care system, this  is a pipe dream as she can't even afford to pay her current trainer let alone afford a place at the Denver Athletic Academy. That is until an opportunity arises as Rooney's coach has sent an audition tape of Rooney to the school and they have invited her to audition for a spot starting next Semester. Rooney goes along and blows them all out of the water, but her idol isn't impressed as she is intimidated as Rooney has the skills to knock her off her pedestal and claim her title as the "number one gymnast". Also, there are a few people who aren't happy that a "foster kid' is being allowed into their elite world. Can Rooney prove that she belongs amongst the rich and wealthy athletes, the ones who can afford the most expensive of trainers and equipment? Find out in Book #1 of Devyn Forrest's new Bullymance RH series "Denver Athletic Academy", a series that will leave you hooked and wanting to read the next books in one sitting as I did.

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