Sunday, October 4, 2020

Review: The Runaway - Jordan Ford

The Runaway (Barrett Boys #1)

Review: The Runaway - Book #1 The Barrett Boys - November 2020

Michael Barrett had a family and then in a heartbeat, it was ripped away from him, years later he tried to pickpocket a woman and it turned out to be someone dangerous - the sister of a Mob Boss. Michael changed his surname to Adams and became his right-hand man. Now years later, Michael has had enough of the danger, the killing, and never knowing whether this will be his last day on earth. On a planned whim, he decides today is the day to leave and runs off with a bag of his boss's money. During the escape, he is shot but finds himself in a small diner in the middle of nowhere. At the Diner, he meets Annie - the diner was her grandfather's and then her mothers and now with both of them gone - it went to her evil stepfather. He treats Annie like Cinderella and she has been planning to save up and escape with her younger half-brother Jackson when she meets Michael. There is something about him, that draws her to him and soon the pair strike a friendship and in a way, they will both become each other's, guardian angels. With both of them wanting freedom and a new life, can they help each other to achieve their dreams before danger catches up with the pair of them which could see their dreams destroyed before they have even had a chance to begin? Find out in Book #1 of the Barrett Boys by Jordan Ford. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series as I would love for Michael and all his brothers to be reunited again after all these years separated.

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