VBT# Play of Light - Debra Doxer


Review: Play of Light - Debra Doxer - December 2014

Growing up in a smalltown community had it's perks where everyone knew everyone and everyone protected those they cared about. The downside though to living in a smalltown community is that sometimes bad people live there who are quite wealthy and can make other's lives a living hell. When Sara was younger, she fell in love with a boy that saved her from bullies - his name was Spencer. Though it seemed that their love was to be a doomed one as Spencer's uncle Jackson was her father's rival. As Sara's dad was all for doing whatever he could to the best of his ability and was a genuinely nice guy. One day though all that changed and readers were suddenly switched to today's timeline and discovered that Sara lived with her mum and sister in a different town and readers wonder what happened to her father and why they left their small patch of paradise. Turns out that five years ago , a terrible tragedy occurred and caused Sara and her family to flee and never look back. That is until now when Sara realises that in order for her to start college, she needs to go back and face the truth about what happened that fateful night five years ago and tell someone exactly what happened and not the covered-up and watered down truth of the incident even if that means facing the one boy who she loved and whom broke her heart once again.
If you are looking for an Edgy Teen Read , then Debra Doxer is the author for you and I have to say she is an amazing author and has been added to my automatic one-click author list.



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