Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: The Last I Saw Her - Karen Robards

The Last Time I Saw Her (Dr. Charlotte Stone, #4)

Review: The Last Time I Saw Her - Book #4 Dr. Charlotte Stone Series - Karen Robards - August 2015

At the end of Book #3 we read as Michael "the ghost" got sucked into what was nicknamed Spooksville after firstly haunting and then eventually falling in love with Dr. Charlotte Stone , who is a shrink that works with high risk prisoners -mainly those on death row , who also has the ability to see ghosts. We read as Charlotte mourned the lost of Michael and chided herself on how could she have fallen in love with a ghost, when she knew the risks and the fact he was a spirit.  At the start of Book #4 Charlie is visiting Michael's grave, when standing there is a guy who looks like he could be Michael's twin as they look exactly alike and more so he is asking about his case. This gets Charlie wondering whether he could be the Southern Slasher, as she always wondered if Michael was as innocent as he claimed as after getting to know him , he doesn't seem like a killer to her.  What happens next when Rick - that's the guy and Charlie are at her office , it gets held up by prisoners and she is taken hostage with others. During this time , Michael can view what's happening and strikes a deal in order to save her one last time.  Michael pops back to earth and a happy reunion happens , during this time Charlie undigs the dark truth about the "real" Southern Slasher. I have to say, without giving the story and ending away , I shall leave it here with the fact I love the way Karen Robards finished the series and this book and it reminded me of the Sam/Jim and Melinda storyline on Ghost Whisperer a little bit.
If you love Serial Killer Novels with a Hint of the Supernatural , then Karen Robards' series Dr. Charlotte Stone are the books for you.


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