Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review: Things Liars Say - Sara Ney

Things Liars Say (#ThreeLittleLies, #1)

Review: Things Liars Say - Book #1 #ThreeLittleLies Series - Sara Ney - July 2015

Everyone has told a little white lie in their life, but what would happen if that little white lie got blown out of proportion and your lie came true ? For Greyson Keller, she is President of her Sorority and has a long list of clubs and obligations to do that she is far too busy for a boyfriend but with the Gala coming up , her friends all expect her of course to have a date so when she is put on the spot at their last planning meeting - Greyson lies and tells them she has a date and a boyfriend called Cal Thompson. She grasps the name out of thin air as the Cal is short for California Oranges and the surname Thompson came from the fact that she was sitting opposite Brianna Thompson from her Economics class.  So begins the little white lie of having a boyfriend named Cal. What she doesn't expect though is that Julia who is in charge of marketing tweets about Greyson and her new boyfriend Cal Thompson - tagging him in the twitter account. Turns out that a "Cal Thompson" does exist an hour away and he is recieving all the messages about him and someone named Grey whom of course he expects to be a guy. Ready for a fight, he drives up to the sorority and comes face to face with Greyson Keller - what a shock when they both realise what has happened. Over the next course of the book through email, text, phone calls and tweets the pair start communicating and of course the rest is history. But when Greyson starts to develop
"true feelings' can she really date someone like Cal or do her friends expect more of Greyson when it comes to her dating choices ? What I really loved about this book, which made me smile was the fact that they played "Rugby" not "Football" which of course Rugby is one of New Zealand's main sports.
 If you are needing a new edgy New Adult Fiction novel to get stuck into and since it is a novella it is a quick read, check out Things Liars Say by Sara Ney today.


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