Monday, May 21, 2018

Review: Avalanche - Cambria Hebert

Avalanche (BearPaw Resort, #1)

Review: Avalanche - Book #1 Bearpaw Resort - Cambria Hebert - March 2018

Growing up, Bellamy didn't have the best relationship with her father as he was never there for her family as she later learned it was in deep with some bad people. One of the best times though she had with her dad was when she was sixteen, and she spent a two-week vacation with him at Bearpaw Resort. That vacation was also where Bellamy experienced her first heartbreak with Liam Mattison. Now Eight years later, Bellamy is living in Witness Protection as Bella Lane after the murder of her father. When the bad guys find her, she runs to the only place in the world she ever felt safe- Bearpaw Resort. Of course, when she tries to check in, she has no ID and is turned away until she runs into Liam. For Liam, Bellamy is the girl who got away, and he still loves her. Seeing her in this state, Liam decides to help and keep her safe. What will happen though when the bad guys track her down at the resort and end up kidnapping her? Has Liam lost the love of his life once again or can Liam with the help of his friend Alex save Bellamy from joining her father? I did enjoy Avalanche as I quite like Cambria Hebert's writing, but I have to admit as this was a romantic suspense with the Witsec involved I did hope for a bit more involvement of Witness Protection and FBI in the book as it seemed more focused on the romance between Bellamy and Liam rather than the murder of her father and her being in the Witness Protection Programme.  I am now looking forward though to reading Book #2 and seeing how this series develops.


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