Wednesday, May 23, 2018

VBT# - Piece of Work - Staci Hart

Piece of Work

Review: Piece of Work - Staci Hart - May 2018
I couldn't wait to read this book because of some reasons. The first being it was written by Staci Hart, and I am a big fan of her books , the second was that it was set in a museum/art gallery and I am a big art, and history buff and the last was that the main female blossoms from a plain jane to a beautiful tall, graceful swan.  Rin has finally graduated and gotten her dream internship at a local museum in the art department; the thing is though she is about to discover the difference between being in a classroom setting and being out in the real world. As in the real world, she will be judged on everything including her clothing. She will be treated like an ant, and now it is up to her to prove her position and that she deserves the internship and is not going to let anything stand in her way. I liked how her friends took Rin to the Tall Girls shop and showed Rin that even tall girls could look amazing and when she turns up to work the next day, Court realizes that Rin is the whole package of beauty and brains. I am not one for game playing which you often see featured in my reviews and Piece of Work is another of those books where it was like Man up, Court and either be with Rin or don't. Stop breaking her heart and thinking that you are almighty and that she will go along with every little decision he makes and jump when it's only good for him. I was glad that Rin though didn't fully compromise her morals and her achievements for Court as she deserved where she had gotten too and had earned it the right way.  If you love romance, art, and fun, quirky characters, then you will enjoy Piece of Work by Staci Hart.

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