Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Review: Roadie - Denise Jaden

Roadie (Living Out Loud #2)

Review: Roadie - Book #2 Living Out Loud (LOL) Series - Denise Jaden - May 2018

Back home after the weird science experiment in the abandoned mental institution, life is slowly trying to get back to normal for everyone involved. For Eli, he chucked himself into his music and band and for Kass - her mum and Hope went to live with Hope's dad Seth and Kass's dad is going to be checked in to a rehab facility for his anxiety and unstableness which spiraled after the experiments were conducted. Kass had planned to spend the time with Hope and her Mother over the summer break while her dad is away but Hope has now sent her a series of texts telling her she can't stay. Eli's band is about to go on tour for the whole summer, so Kass joins Eli and things seem to be going well for the most part.  From Kass and Eli's relationship moving to the next level, but what happens when Kass can't take it anymore as something is up with Hope too as it seems she is feeding not only Kass lies but also her Mum, Dad and Kass's dad. After an incident with another of the band members and life pushing Kass to the point of brokenness, she acts out and finds herself hitchhiking back to Bentley where she will get a surprise when she opens her apartment. What is up with Hope and why did she lie to everyone as Kass discovers her sleeping in her apartment? Can Kass rebuild her friendship with Eli or has she lost him for good as well? Find out in Book #2 Roadie by Denise Jaden. A book that focuses on the three M's - Music, Mayhem, and Mental Health.

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