Sunday, May 27, 2018

Review: A Shameless Little Con - Meli Raine

A Shameless Little Con (Shameless, #1)

Review: A Shameless Little Con - Book #1 Shameless Series - Meli Raine - January 2018
Before reading this series, you will need to read the Harmless Trilogy if you haven't yet. At the end of the Harmless Trilogy, we read as Lindsay finally got her revenge on the three guys who had raped, tortured and videotaped her five years earlier. We also learned that Anya - Jane's mother was supposedly working with Nolan - the opposition and had played a part in this sick and twisted game. Now with Anya dead, everyone is pointing fingers at Jane - Anya's daughter. The thing is Jane is innocent, yes she did some things she wasn't proud of but she did it to save Lindsay, not harm her. Now Jane is under the protection of Senator Bosworth's Secret service agent Silas Gentian. Somebody definitely wants her to be seen as guilty, but as Jane gets closer to the truth. She discovers that like the three men, the three supposed friends were blackmailed and now one of the moments after talking to Jane about it is dead. The ending leaves on the reveal of who Jane's father is and Lindsay's maternity and paternity parents. I have to admit I did see this coming, but the book finishes on a cliffhanger and now that the truth is revealed I wonder what way the book will go as we learn one of the girls is Senator Bosworth's and the other a mystery.

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