Monday, May 28, 2018

Review: The Girl Behind the Red Door - Cassie Graham

The Girl Behind the Red Door

Review: The Girl Behind the Red Door - Cassie Graham - May 2018

Charlie Oded has built herself up and a business with her best friend after the worst day of her life when her fiance left her standing at the altar. She created a business melting down jewellery and called it Better Than Revenge. She also gives money to charities and now has gone back to college to study business management as her business is booming and in the possibilities of getting bigger.  Years ago when Charlie was little , her family lived in a house with a red door and across the road during the summers visited a little boy called Reed Windsor. Now Reed is all-grown-up and in the same classes as Charlie. She is the girl of his dreams, the one he has saved himself for. The thing is doesn't yet realise is she is also the voice in the interview he has been listening to over and over again. She is definitely his dream girl. Now Reed needs to find a way to get her attention as he notices she is a tad broken . He starts to leave her little notes signed "W". What will happen though when Charlie starts to fall in love with Reed and discovers his connection to her past and the notes and she will feel betrayed ? Also what will happen when Charlie's ex turns up at the college she is attending as he has been given a job in the theatre department alongside Reed ?  Will Reed get his HEA with the girl of his dreams - the one from behind the red door or is Charlie over men for good ? The other thing is when I was reading this book we were briefly introduced to characters Lark and Rowan and I knew the name Lark Hawthorne - FBI agent was so familiar. Turns out that Lark and Rowan's story was written in The Truth of a Liar and I had read it two years ago . So in a way this is a standalone yet a sequel also.

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