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Review: Treat Me, Doctor - Sylvia Fox


Review: Treat Me , Doctor - Sylvia Fox - December 2016
Sometimes as a reader, you are in the mood for a quick sexy read and you just want something to read that you don't have to think about too much. For me, that was Sylvia Fox's Treat Me, Doctor read. For those who have read books in this series, you know that it is an older man/ younger woman erotica romance. In Treat Me, Doctor we meet Liam who is Callie's dad's best friend and also a hunky doctor. She has been in love since she could remember and now that she is legal, she is going to make him hers. The only thing is she isn't sure that Liam sees her than anything that someone who is old enough to be his daughter. The book starts with the family's annual ski trip with Liam and Callie at the cabin when Callie's parents call to say they will be delayed as the roads are snowed in.  One thing leads to another as you can guess and sparks fly between Liam and Callie and they end up in throes of passion. I have to admit I wasn't sure what Callie's parents would be like and have to say in comparison to the other books. Callie's parents accepted their relationship pretty quickly.  Treat Me, Doctor by Sylvia Fox is the perfect read if you are looking for a smutty quick read and I have to admit personally, that reading these stories do get you thinking about what it could be like with an older man.

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