Monday, May 28, 2018

Review: Cheat Codes - Emily Goodwin

Cheat Codes

Review: Cheat Codes - Book #1 Dawson Family - Emily Goodwin - May 2018

Growing up, Quinn has always had a crush on Archer. The thing is he is the forbidden one as he is older than her and her brother's best friend. Archer first met Quinn when she came to drop off her brother Dean with their parents in the dorm room at college. From then on Archer became an honorary Dawson family member and Dean's best friend. Now years later Dean is getting married to Kara and Archer is his best man, back home from his days as a resident Doctor he is at the bar owned by Dean's other brother's twins Logan and Owen. He is about to get saturated by a tray of shots being carried by a gorgeous woman who turns out to be Quinn and in Archer's mind, she is as gorgeous as she was the day he met her. The day he realized he could never have her. Especially someone who has four brothers and is the baby of the family. During the rest of the book, we read this forbidden on/off romance and banter that Archer and Quinn have going on. They finally hook up and have the most romantic week together when he is sent to Chicago for a conference and he finds himself surprisingly at her workplace after being invited by a chick in a bar.  Life though carries on and soon they are back to their realities of not being able to be together. What will happen though when Quinn discovers that she is carrying something of Archer's, which forces the couple to realize that they are destined to be together? Now they must face the wrath of Quinn's family. Cheat Codes ends on a cliffhanger which of course means I can't wait now for Book #2.

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