Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: The Last Resort Motel - Room #13 - D. Kelly

The Last Resort Motel: Room Thirteen

Review: Room 13 - Book #4 The Last Resort Motel Series - D. Kelly - April 2018
I haven't yet read D.Kelly's The Evolution of Us, but the same characters crossover into Room #13.  Best friends forever, Sage and Baxter have been thick as thieves. Growing up, Sage had her heart broken by Baxter's cousin Gabe, and instead of picking sides Baxter stood by Sage. Now years later, Baxter needs Sage to do him a favor. He needs her to go to The Last Resort Motel and pick up a guest. The thing is that Baxter hasn't exactly told her whom she is picking up, as he knows if he did - then the answer would be a big fat NO.  Sage arrives reluctantly at the Last Resort Motel and is put in Room #13, and she is eventually facing to face with Gabe.  We later learn that the sexual chemistry and tension between these two are still as hot as ever and that there is a lot of unresolved issues. Starting with the last day, they saw each other, and the day Gabe broke Sage's heart and trust in guys and romance. Years have passed, and now Gabe wants a second chance, but can Sage let Gabe in again or will she be too worried that her heart can't take another stab? We learn the real reason Gabe left, and we read as he tries to woo Sage back with his culinary skills.  Gabe, as we discover, is one of Max's friends from back home and has come to help with the busyness of the restaurant now that the two Dev's put it on the map with their Instagrammed food. If you love friendships, second chance romances, friends to lovers and witty banter then The Last Resort Motel series is the series to read.

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