Monday, May 21, 2018

Review: Part-Time Husband - Noelle Adams

Part-Time Husband (Trophy Husbands, #1)

Review: Part-Time Husband - Book #1 Trophy Husbands - Noelle Adams - May 2018
I have to admit I am a big fan of the fake marriage storyline as they always end up in an HEA which I am so totally about and more often than not, the pair wanted one another but couldn't get the guts or man up and tell the other how they really feel, so they make this whole fake marriage contract only to end up together for realsies. Normally the fake marriage stories are the guy asking the girl, but in this case, it is gender reversed. Melissa has always wanted to take over her families company, and it has been her goal. Never handed too her but she has worked her way up the chain of the business. Now through her grandfather has given her an ultimatum as in his words "she's not getting any younger." She has to marry someone or else she will lose her job, and her sister's allowance will be cut off.  With only a week deadline, Melissa only has one person in mind who could benefit from the fake marriage - Trevor Bentley. The thing is though Melissa can't stand him as a person, she knows he's awesome at his job as an advertising executive.  He agrees to the proposal, and the pair gets married, what will happen though when they discover that they love one another and their year is coming to an end? Will they both man up and tell the other how they feel about each other or will Melissa overhear Trevor talking and take it the wrong way and feel too hurt to give him a second chance at love? Find out in this quick read by Noelle Adams - Part-Time Husband, Book #1 of the Trophy Husbands series.

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