Saturday, May 19, 2018

Review: Phi Alpha Pi - Sara Marks

Phi Alpha Pi

Review: Phi Alpha Pi - Book #2 21st Century Austen - Sara Marks - May 2018
As soon as I saw the words 21st Century Austen, I knew I had to read this as anything Austen inspired - I love. Phi Alpha Pi is a sorority where Lizbeth is the President - newly appointed as it seems she has been brought in to keep the girls antics under wrap. Lizbeth's friends and house sisters include Charlotte, Jane, Kitty and Lydia and Marie (notice the familiar names). Lizbeth is studying Women’s Studies under the Professor Dr. Bennett and seems she is one of the smartest females in the class. Newcomers Charlie, Catherine and Wil have arrived on the campus and set all the hearts a flutter. Especially Jane's who has fallen for Charlie. Lizbeth on the other hand can't stand Wil and finds him being a pompous jerk who judges her. Also in this book is Colin Collins who is in her class and wants to marry her , Lizbeth has no such desire to do so and eventually we can guess who Colin will have as his bride. I loved how Sara Marks brought in all our favourite aspects of Pride and Prejudice even including Jorge who is the embodiment of Mr. Wickham. The twist that I did love was that Lizbeth like Wil Darcy came from money also, but unlike Mr. Darcy, she kept it close to her chest and never flounced it which made people believe she was poor. I especially loved the part over summer where Mr. Darcy's aunt talked about buying the horse next door; not realizing that as Lizbeth was standing there it was in fact her horse.  If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice and love renditions and also understand the fact that renditions are variants of the story, not exact replicas then you will enjoy Phi Alpha Pi by Sara Marks.

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