Friday, May 18, 2018

VBT# : Bite Me - Lousie Cypress

Bite Me (The Puritan Coven Series Book 1)

Review: Bite Me - Book #1 Puritan Coven Series - Louise Cypress - May 2018
Morgan can't wait for the next six months to be up as she will be off studying at UCLA and away from her overbearing mother who has just decided to start dating Lucas which means that his daughter will be her new potential stepsister. It would be ok, but they are in two different cliques at school as Morgan is near the bottom of the school hierarchy and her new stepsister to be is right at the top. Morgan goes with her mother to their house for dinner where she meets Lucas, Emery and her "cousin."  Lucas's nephew is a wild one as he bites Morgan and soon Morgan will start transforming as without her knowledge she is slowly becoming a blood-sucking vampire.  Van is part of the Helsing family aka Vampire Slayers, and there has been some strange activity happening in La Jolla and his family have been sent to investigate. Van gets in the good books with Morgan with the intention of slaying her, but soon he will learn that she is oblivious and has no idea what is happening to her. With the help of his family, Lucas's and Daisy's - her stepmother's father Sunny, Morgan will have to learn how to control herself and become part of The Puritan Coven or else face the consequences of death through staking. Bite Me was a good read as I had gone off a lot of vampire and fantasy reads as they had all started blurring into one and overlaying the same plot. What I loved about this book was it reminded me of Mari Mancusi's Boys Who Bite series, Vampire Beach, and Blue Bloods.  The teen Vampire books that I grew up reading before they got all sexual and full-on paranormal/supernatural.

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