Friday, May 24, 2019

Review: 5,331 Miles - Willow Aster

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5,331 Miles

Review: 5,331 Miles - Willow Aster - March 2019
Growing up, Jaxson and Mirabelle were the best of friends with their parents being friends; it only made sense for the two of them to do everything together. When they were children, they made a bucket list of everything they wanted to do together before they got married and lived their HEA together.  Then Jaxson moved, and Mirabelle was without her best friend until her mum received news, and the two of them moved overseas to be closer to Jaxson again. Things though weren't the same as Jaxson had new friends and he was popular, and Mirabelle aka Belle was like the little sister hanger-on, and then one year, she overhears Jaxson telling his then-girlfriend that he only hangs around Belle because his parents make him do so. This broke her, and the pair stopped talking, it was a massive fallout that lasted for years until one summer Jaxson returns home and holding their bucket list wants to make things right with Belle, but she has moved on, right? Can Jaxson prove to Belle that he really missed up and wants her to be his forever or will Belle hold onto that grudge forever and not let Jaxson break the walls again and ruin her as he did those many moons ago as she can't take a second heartbreak and rejection from the boy she secretly has always loved. I did enjoy this story as it was a sweet childhood friend to lovers and in parts I was glad that Belle stood her ground and didn't let herself be walked all over by a single smile or hello - You go, Girl, and that she made Jaxson work for her affection as that was the least she deserved from him to show he really had changed and cared about her.


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