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Review: Beauty in Summer - Ella Goode

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Beauty in Summer (Beauty, #2)

Review: Beauty in Summer - Book #2 Beauty Series - Ella Goode - April 2017

In the mood for a quick read and trying to clear my e-reader of my older books while on medical leave. I came across the Beauty series, and the cover jumped out at me, and I clicked to read it. I initially downloaded this whole series due to the covers but also the fact that one of the four authors was Alexa Riley. I haven't read anything of Ella Goode's previously but this particular book I loved so much. In Beauty in Summer, we meet Bellamy Beaumont who is not only jobless now after being let go, but she is the type of girl who has no attachments to the world as everyone she loves rejects her. I have to admit I felt so sorry for Bellamy and just wanted to give her a big hug. Her parents now rolling in money it turns out to have sold her and on her birthday nonetheless. She has been hired to hopefully become the mate for Adrian Garrett, who is a wolf. When she arrives, she is nervous at first, but soon she slowly eases herself into the environment. Beauty in Summer was a werewolf novel, and a quick romance read with a HEA. I found this one a sweet story, and I do think that heavily relies on the female lead Bellamy as in a way I connected with her.

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