Monday, May 20, 2019

Review: Sadie by Courtney Summers


Review: Sadie - Courtney Summers - September 2018

This particular book I have had for a while on my to-read list as the idea of a missing girl and a murder mystery intrigued me, and this book itself has had lots of publicity surrounding it. Good strong marketing to capture the reader’s attention. The book starts with Sadie's younger sister it looks like going off and then eventually being murdered. Sadie having no-one else in her world and her corner, decides to head off to find the truth, and that truth starts with whom she thinks is her father. The book is told in podcast format which did in parts make it hard for me to read, and I found it a slower pace with this particular format and at times a tad confusing. The story then takes a weird angle with Sadie killing along her way and doing absolutely anything and everything she can to get answers as it feels like without her sister - she has no sense of identity. This particular book is a hard one I am finding to review as so many strange things occur, but the storyline is a lot of the time disjointed and plain weird.  On a personal note, if you are curious about this book - then I would say read it, but it's definitely what I would consider a hit or miss book and not what I had initially expected.

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