Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Review: The Amateurs -Last Seen : Murderer Next Door - Sara Shepard

Last Seen (The Amateurs, #3)
Review: Last Seen : Murderer Next Door - Book #3 The Amateurs Series - Sara Shepard - October 2018
One of my favorite authors for teen mysteries is Sara Shepard; I got hooked on her books, starting with the Pretty Little Liars series almost ten years ago now. Since then, whenever she has released a new book, I try and read it. This series is about a group of college/high school kids who see themselves as Nancy Drews/ Veronica Mars of the world. They help solve cold cases, and they each have had a tragedy occur in their lives and now are bound together via the same serial killer known with several names but let's call him Brett. In Book #3 he has not only kidnapped Aerin but also to save their friend, he has a challenge for them to solve. A little boy has been kidnapped by his violin teacher, and now there is no trace of him anywhere, and police have exhausted all their leads. We learn throughout the book that Brett has a connection to this case and that a similar experience happened to him, and that is what started him off in his serial killing murder spree. I did like the twist to this book and the personal connection to Brett, and in a way, you can see how his revenge and what he did, how it began.  Last Seen: shows us just how one little action can set someone's life off for the better or in this case for the worse.  Book #3 of the Amateurs series was a slower read but perfect for those who have read the previous books and love their mystery solving stories.
Move over the Mystery Machine Gang and make way for The Amateurs.

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