Friday, May 24, 2019

Review: Pseudo Personality - Kimbra Townsend

Pseudo Personality: A Romance Suspense Series (Wasatch Mountains)

Review: Pseudo Personality - Book #1 Wasatch Mountains - Kimbra Townsend -December 2017
Ever read a book and thought that it was something else? That's what I thought when I started to read this book. For some reason and I don't know exactly why but I had a rendition of Pride and Prejudice going on in my mind. Don't ask me why, but I did. Instead, I am reading this book about an author named Elizabeth aka Beth, who writes psychology books and relates relationships to gardening. Her main philosophy though is that at the beginning of a relationship everyone has this pseudo personality - a facade that we put on and it takes three years for that facade to disappear entirely and their true colors to shine through and that's when you realize if you are meant to be. She has prided herself on this, that is until she meets Josh - who is helping her rebuild her uncle's cabin into a home.
Along with her assistant Amy, they settle into life here and both end up in romantic entanglements.  However, life isn't all peachy as turns out the girls have a stalker and if they aren't careful, not only will the ones they lose the ones they have come to love but their lives as well. This was one of those comfortable to read romantic suspense novels, and I was reading it has also had a name change with both title and author and is now called Three Year Rule by Alaina Stanford.

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