Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Review: Untamed Hearts - Melody Grace

Untamed Hearts (Beachwood Bay, #1.5)

Review: Untamed Hearts - Book #1.5 Beachwood Bay Series - Melody Grace - September 2013
While on medical leave, I have been trying to clear out my e-readers and read some of the older books on there. You know as what happens is you download them with the intentions of reading them and then new books are released and so forth, so they get lost or pushed even further down your list, but more so in my case, they get lost.  As I had already read Unafraid, I knew how these two finish their love story, but in Untamed Hearts, we have the summer romance of Brittany Ray and Hunter Covington. Remember Brittany was trailer trash and Hunter was the rich wealthy boy. In Untamed Hearts which is a quick novella, Hunter is trying to get Brittany's attention, but she isn't having a bar of it as she knows what people say about her and she is still reeling from the hurt that Hunter left her in last time. No second chances for wealthy boys who think they can get everything with a snap of a finger. Hunter has his whole college life ahead of him and has been offered into Stanford, but is Stanford away from Beachwood Bay the life he wants? Can Hunter decide what he wants in life before it's too late and he is wrapped up in the world of the wealthy socialites and country clubs? Will Brittany Ray open her heart to Hunter and forgive him? Find out in Untamed Hearts - Book #1.5 in the Beachwood Series by Melody Grace.


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