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Review: Beauty in Spring - Kati Wilde

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Beauty in Spring (Beauty, #1)

Review: Beauty in Spring - Book #1 Beauty Series - Kati Wilde - April 2017

Cora Walker grew up on the grounds of Blackwood Manor along with Gideon Blake. The pair of them were the best of friends and one day it was said that the couple would marry despite her being the groundskeeper's daughter. That was until one day, they were out playing and heard a growl and then the next thing Cora knew she was being shipped away from Blackwood Manor with her father. She never heard a peep out of the Blake's until now. Ten years have passed, and Cora's father has also passed away when she gets a letter stating to come to Blackwood Manor as the Blake's have something for her father. Thinking it might be monetary, Cora goes and steps on the grounds for the first time in a decade. When she arrives, the necklace that Gideon gave her the night before they left starts to burn and tighten. Almost strangling her and as she gets closer inside, the collar begins to form like a chain. Inside and out is not the Blackwood Manor that Cora remembers, this one has been left to ruins. What happened here? Cora is about to discover that the man she loved isn't the same either and now there is a darkness inside of him and that the only way to break the darkness is for her to love him completely. How can she do that when all Gideon is showing her is the monster he has become, not the man she knows is hidden inside him? I found Beauty in Spring to be more along the lines of the actual Beauty and the Beast tale, whereas the prior book Beauty in Summer was reminiscent of Beastly by Alex Flinn. Fans of Beauty and the Beast will devour this series in the same manner as the Beast.

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