Monday, July 1, 2013

Book Blitz : Aftermath by Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Today's Book Blitz is author Jenna-Lynne Duncan with her new book in her Hurricane series "Aftermath".
Synopsis: Aftermath - Book #2 Hurricane Series - Jenna-Lynne Duncan - February 2013

Adriana can’t decide which is harder- living in post-Katrina New Orleans or living with two immortal brothers. Ana and Hayden are finally together but Hayden’s brother Luke is trying to come between them… and he has never been known to play fair. Ana is still attempting to cling to her normal life despite psychic visions taking over her dreams. With Mardi Gras season approaching and a vision of a murder, Ana will find out if she can really change the future or if she’s just upsetting a very delicate balance. What she could never predict was just how far Luke would go to satisfy his obsession…

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Book#1 : Hurricane.
Hurricane (Hurricane #1) 

Excerpt #2:
“Forget it, Ana. Just tell me then that there is no hope and I will leave you alone.”
Silence was thick as I tried to drag a coherent thought from my brain.
“For someone who talks a lot, you’re sure quiet now. All you have to do is tell me that there is no hope that we will ever be together and I will be out of your life. I’ll stop trying to ‘woo’ you or whatever the hell you said I was doing.”
“I can’t” I breathed.
“You can’t?” He asked with wrathful incredulity. “It’s easy. If you can’t even tell me there is no hope, then there must be a part of you that wants to be with me.”


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