Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: The Sassy Belles - Beth Albright

If you love reading books that are set in "The South" , then look no further with Book #1 in Beth Albright's new series - The Sassy Belles.

 Review: The Sassy Belles - Book #1 Sassy Belles Series - Beth Albright - May 2013
If you are like me and one of your favourite TV Shows currently is "Hart of Dixie" , then you will just love yourself some of Beth Albright's new series "The Sassy Belles". Set in the heart of the South , Beth Albright has captured the heart and essence of what I could only imagine a Southerner belle to be like. The story starts off with Blake O'Hara Heart wondering how she is going to tell her husband Henry she wants a divorce when a phone call happens and it turns out to be Blake's best friend Vivi McFadden with the alarming news that her lover Lewis is dead. Lewis also happens to be Blake's brother-in-law , so Blake and her husband Henry travel down to the motel room with Vivi expecting to find a body but what happens when they turn up to the motel and find no dead bodies ? What has happened to Lewis , has someone moved the body or is he not dead after all ? For Blake , this drama has taught her to reflect on her life as her ex-high school boyfriend Sonny - now the town cop and newly divorced has arrived back on the scene . Will her heart lead her towards Sonny or will she continue in this hard time stay faithful to her husband Henry ? It seems though that the town of Tuscaloosa has a whole lot of deep and dark secrets that this one case may just bring them all tumbling out of the closet ? Are the characters of The Sassy Belles ready to be left exposed or will some of them do everything in their power to kept their secrets hidden ?
The Sassy Belles was such an awesome book that had in parts me laughing and I am looking forward to reading the next two books in this series "The Wedding Belles" and "The Sleigh Belles".


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  1. Great review, I recently had an interview with Beth, she's a hoot.


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