Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review: Reason to Breathe - Rebecca Donovan

Are you looking for a new teen novel to read ? One that will be so powerful that after you have read it, the book will be imprinted on your brain ?

Review: Reason to Breathe - Book #1 Breathe Series - Rebecca Donovan - May 2011

Where to begin with this book except to let readers know that this is one powerful read and brace yourselves before starting the novel as you won't want to put it down and if you are like me and did not have an idea what this book is actually about then you too will be amazed and shocked at the same time. Reading Reason to Breathe was one of those books that tug at your heart-strings and make you look back at your own life and think either thank goodness my life wasn't like that , I suffered through some of that but thank goodness it wasn't to this extreme or wow - that was my life. For me personally, I fell in category 2. Where at points in my life I had to go to school with a long sleeve to hide bruises or try and shrug it off and tell people, I did it while playing sport etc. But reading this book, I felt so strongly for Emma and my heart ached for her as she was put into a home situation where she was physically abused regularly and even though she tried to shrug it off , it got worst and worst to the point that she almost felt like dying until Evan Matthews came along. Evan fell in love with Emma and soon Evan became her "reason to breathe" but is Evan's love strong enough for Emma to keep on fighting or will she lose hope when the abuse becomes more and more violent and deadly than she ever could have imagined ?

Reason to Breathe is the first book in a trilogy and is a book that you will have to read with a hanky or pair of tissues nearby as you may either have watery eyes like I did or if you are a crier in novels , then your heart will become heavy and your eyes pour with tears.
Reason to Breathe is definitely a novel worth reading.



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