Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Backstage Pass - Nicole Ryan

Needing a quick fix ?
Wanting a five minute read with a Rock N Roll Star?
Review: Backstage Pass - Nicole Ryan - February 2013
Have you ever picked up a book and not realised that it is a short story ? Well, that's what happened to me as I clicked on my Kindle e-book of Backstage Pass and I was well surprised when it ended abruptly and only 5-10minutes after I had began reading it. If you are wanting a quick romance erotica without all of that BDSM stuff and with a bit of Rock N Roll and a hunky musician called Kolby chucked into the mix then Backstage Pass is the tale for you as we read about Alexis whose Kolby's girlfriend who will for one night only experience the love and passion of not only Kolby himself but his music as well.
Backstage Pass is definitely a book that if readers need a filler for their day or they have only a 5-10 minute break and are feeling the need to read then this is the one for them.


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  1. Whoa.... thanks for reviewing my short story on your blog! xx


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