Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Bewitching - Alex Flinn

Are you a fan of Alex Flinn's tales ?
Do you love reading Renditions of favourite Childhood tales ?

Review: Bewitching :The Kendra Chronicles - Alex Flinn - February 2012

Are you a fan of renditions of favourite childhood tales ? Have you read Cloaked, Beastly and Towering by Alex Flinn ? If so, then get ready for Bewitching which unlike her previous books follows more of a collection of tales rather than focusing on one in particular. 
Bewitching tells the story of Kendra the witch who pops up occasionally throughout the other series especially in Beastly. The first story that is touched on in Bewitching is the lovely tale of Hansel and Gretel where Kendra and her younger brother Charlie are wandering in the woods and stumble across a gingerbread house , this is where Kendra first learns that she is a witch. The second tale takes us to the land of France where we meet the story of The Princess and The Pea and then of course to Titanic times where we read what really happened in The Little Mermaid. However, though there may be a few stories touched on in this book, there is one main tale threaded right along the book and that is of a modern day Cinderella except in this case the orphan girl was in fact the evil Stepsister and lied to get everything she ever wanted and needed.
A fun story, however I would suggest that you only read this one if you loved the others as it can be a bit confusing with the jumping in and out of the different stories as it flips from chapter to chapter. Readers, though if you love renditions then Bewitching by Alex Flinn is the book for you.



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