Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Winging It - Deborah Cooke

Did you enjoy Sophie Jordan's Firelight Series ? 
If so then you will enjoy Deborah Cooke's new series "Dragon Diaries"  

Review: Winging It - Book #2 The Dragon Diaries Series - Deborah Cooke - December 2011
Gone are the days of Vampires and Werewolves , now we have Dragon Shifters and much more with Deborah Cooke's new series "The Dragon Diaries". For those who are reading this review, this is Book #2 - yes I know, I am dreadful at reading series in proper order -though do not fear as if you have found yourself picking this one up first and in the same predicament as you can read this one first if you wish as you will catch the gist of the series pretty easily , more so if you have previously read Sophie Jordan's Firelight series. 
Winging it takes us into the life of sixteen year old Zoe Sorensson who is the first female dragon in her shifting period as this only happens to women once in a lifetime as at any one time there can only be one female dragon known as the Wryven. If being a dragon and having to keep it a secret wasn't difficult enough, Zoe has enough on her plate from keeping secrets from her best friend Megan , hot guys Jared and Derek and her mum has left her Dad, Zoe has found out she has a half-brother who turned evil  and of course there are people out to kill her.
Can Zoe make it through her Sixteenth Year or will she find herself "Winging It" .
Find out in Book #2 of The Dragon Diaries Series.


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  1. I Love this series, you should also read her adult fantasy romance series staring the parents of Zoe and their other PYR friends.


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