Saturday, July 13, 2013

Review: Never Let You Fall - Michele G. Miller

Are you a fan of fantasy fiction?
Love reading stories about alternate realities ?
Review: Never Let You Fall - Book #1 The Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series - Michele G. Miller - May 2013
Are you a fan of those stories where the "orphan" girl is discovered to be in fact - something else amazing ? In Never Let You Fall , it has something for everyone as you have the murder mystery going on with her family dying in a fire when she was seven years old and then in the other reality we discover her parents vanished without a trace fifteen years ago. Now ten years later, Skye is faced with a new life as her "guardians" have come out of the woodwork and revealed to her that she is in fact from a different reality and in that reality she is a Princess who once she marries is set to be Queen of the land known as Tyalbrook. It seems though that once Skye and her guardian Xander return to Tyalbrook that secrets - dark ones have been hidden and others want the Princess to die. Can Xander work with Skye to keep her safe and as his promise goes "Never Let You Fall" ? Also visiting Skye in her dreams is Griffin - the elf who seems to know all about her mother and what happened to her. Can Griffin point Skye in the right direction to discovering what happened to her parents ? 
Find out all this and more in Book #1 The Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series by Michele G. Miller.



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