Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: Chloe's Notebook - Kristin Shaw Amrine

Looking for a nice teen read ? One that is a Clean Teen Read as it doesn't contain much of the content that most teen books include these days ?

Review: Chloe's Notebook - Kristin Shaw Amrine - February 2013

“Alex isn’t in love with Makaylah, but he has to put on a show. He has to maintain his image.” —Chloe 

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I opened up Chloe's Notebook , just that it had the outlook of being a younger teen's book and I was semi on the right track. The story starts off with neighbours Chloe and Alex banging into each other and Alex ending up with Chloe's prized possession - her Harriet the Spy type notebook in which she has jotted down pages and pages of observations over the years about her classmates and teachers and family. What happens next is that the notebook lands into the hands of Makaylah, the most popular and conniving girl in school and soon Chloe's observations are plastered all over the school to see. Alex doing what he thinks is right, breaks up with Makaylah, but it definitely doesn't end well as we read as Makaylah's true colours are revealed and she will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to be the centre of attention, even if it means hurting and spreading malicious rumours around. I personally found the character of Makaylah to be a manipulative cow and an evil b***h. Soon Alex pairs up with Chloe to get the notebook back and in doing so, he realises that she is who he is supposed to be with. 
Chloe's notebook is not only a story of revenge but it is also a tale of true friendship that can arise from tragic and unfortunate events.
Chloe's Notebook also reminded me alot of the Book and Movie Storyline of Harriet the Spy when her notebook landed in the wrong hands and her observations were revealed to the school and her friends.
Chloe's Notebook is aimed at girls between 12-16yrs. 


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